The damage across Beirut is immense with more than 2,400,000 windows broken. 

We are currently working to survey damage across the city. Teams of architects and project managers are leading detailed appraisals and preparing full material schedules.


We are working in partnership with a number of volunteer organisations to survey and supply. By working with multiple teams in Beirut we assess needs on a macro scale, taking account of variations between buildings and sourcing material in bulk quantity. This allows us to buy at a better price.

The glass we are sourcing is supplying is 4mm, 6mm and 8mm annealed clear float glass. The material is supplied to site in large-format 3.2 x 2.25m sheets and is cut onsite to requirement. We're sourcing quality material from an existing global network of suppliers. 

Our team members include project managers, architects, property developers and procurement & logistics specialists. We're pooling our skills to source the right materials at the right price and get them to Beirut as quickly and securly as possible.  

Our first goal of £25,000/$33,000 will procure and ship two full load 20' shipping containers of clear float glass; One container can carry up to 2400 sqm of glass or approximately 800 windows worth!